Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hey Good Lookin' - Whatcha Got Slow Cookin'?

Day 15

One of the first things we registered for when we got married was a slow cooker. But even though everyone told me how awesome they were for prepping healthy, well-balanced meals in the morning before work, I have to be honest. I used it maybe once while I was working.

The one time I did try it, the recipe I chose required me to sear the meat first and spend almost 30 minutes chopping veggies and herbs to add to the pot. Talk about SLOW cooking! Plus, I get a little bugged out having something plugged in and running at such a high heat while no one is home. A little OCD, I admit, but hey - I'm okay with that.

Since I've started on my quest for domesticity, I've tried to use the slow cooker at least once a week. Now when I choose recipes, I pay attention to the prep time. The dishes have all had varying prep times, but I plan according to what else I have going on that day. We've had beer-soaked carnitas, tender short ribs and, today I'm trying a southwest chicken and black beans dish.

I must say I'm enjoying this appliance more and more! Not only are the meals full of flavor, but there are always leftovers, which means I have a night off from cooking! Both recipes thus far have earned an A grade from Hubby so I think he likes it, too. Hopefully tonight's will be a keeper, too!

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