Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Baking: Mexican Mango Cake

Day 373

Ever since Sister and Niece came to visit for my birthday in April and we made a delicious layer cake, I've been wanting to bake more. So last Friday, after completing a couple projects on the work front, I treated myself with an afternoon of baking.

I had dogeared this cake recipe after seeing it on the Food Network's Mexican Made Easy (http://bit.ly/oblR1d) program. As you know, I'm obsessed with Mexican food, so any show that gives me tips on how to cook some of my favorite, authentic dishes is a must-have on the DVR schedule. I also love mangoes so this seemed like a no brainer.

The recipe was super easy to follow, and boy did the house smell incredible while it was in the oven. Hubby came home and said, "Something smells amazing!" That's what butter and sugar at 350 will get you!

We went out to dinner while the cake cooled and, as hard as it was to pass up dessert on date night, I kept reminding myself of the treat I had waiting at home. All it needed was the mango sauce to be mixed and poured saucily over the top and, Bon Appetit (or Buen Provecho!)!

It was a hit - even for Hubby who says he doesn't eat fruit (Dislike! He also doesn't have a sweet tooth, which is a problem because as you see the cake disappear you know who's been eating it!). The rich, buttery, vanilla flavor of the cake was complemented perfectly with the bright flavor of the mango.

Time to Dish:
First, the recipe called for vanilla extract, but I didn't see where in the process it was supposed to be added. I added it with the buttermilk, assuming this was okay. Tasted good! Second, the sauce was a little too runny for me, and overly sweet. I think next time I'll use less sugar and store in the refrigerator to pour it on individual slices as they're served. Third, I skipped the tequila (I'm just not a fan) so I guess this is really just a mango cake.

Tip: I used fresh, frozen mango from Trader Joe's and it worked perfectly!

Recipe: http://bit.ly/ni7O5a