Friday, August 27, 2010

Murphy's Law Strikes at Home

Day 47

As the saying goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." This week I've come up with a saying of my own: "If it's broke and you start to fix it, chances are there is more where that came from." It doesn't have the same ring to it, but this is my life right now.

A few weeks ago, we had friends in from New York for our fourth annual standing vacation scheduled for the first weekend of August. The weekend has grown into a three, four or even five day holiday which starts at our house for one night before heading to the beach for the rest of the weekend. Hubby and I typically shower in the guest room because it's more modern. I feel like Dorothy Zbornak or Rose Nylund (Golden Girls, anyone?) in the 80s master bath. To be better hosts, we decided to clear out and give our guests the guest bathroom and, after showering in the master shower for the first time since last Christmas (the last time we really had overnight guests), noticed a leak above our kitchen table from the master bath. No worries, we'd just go back to using the guest bath. We want to gut the master anyway, eventually, but certainly can live without it for awhile.

Cut to Wednesday morning, as in two days ago. Hubby is heading out the door for work and notices a leak on the kitchen ceiling coming from the guest bath. Ay Dios mio. Of course this doesn't happen on any Wednesday; this happens the day I'm supposed to host book club, which I was so looking forward to.

Murphy 1 | Me 0

We called a friend who is also a contractor to come take a look. But of course, everyone is busy due to the four-day rainstorm our area was closing out.

Murphy 2 | Me 0

He could make it Thursday afternoon so things could've been worse. But he wasn't able to fix it then and there. He needed more tools and supplies. He would come back Friday morning. But not any Friday morning; he was going to come back and work when I had scheduled for some friends and their little bambinos to come see the house (for the first time) and hit the beach.

Murphy 3 | Me 0

Cut to this morning when he comes to make a couple quick fixes on the pipes. Not so fast. After showering this morning, we noticed some additional leaks which have now turned this project from a minor fix to a more lengthy and in-depth project that will involve fixing the water pipe, patching in holes and repainting the wall/ceiling. Oh yeah - on top of holes in the kitchen ceiling, there is now a hole outside the guest room upstairs.

Murphy 4 | Me 0

But not just any guest room - This is the guest room Mom is going to be staying in this weekend for her first visit since Christmas.

Murphy 5 | Me 0

Clearly, Murph is the runaway victor in this battle, but I'm hoping that after everything gets fixed I don't have to invite him back for a very long time.

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