Tuesday, June 21, 2011

On This First Day of Summer, One Last Taste of Spring

Day 345

I'm a magazine-page-ripper-outer. I have stacks of recipes, gift ideas, beauty tips and more filed around the house. Last month I was waiting for my haircut when I stumbled upon this recipe in Rachael Ray Everyday. Pasta Ribbons with Peas, Prosciutto, Cream and Spring Pesto. Even the name sounded like spring. But, shoot! The magazine wasn't mine! Do I dare rip out the page? At the end of the day I decided that wouldn't be fair to others so I jotted down the name of the recipe in my phone and looked it up as soon as I got home.

As you know, I'm a sucker for pasta. My body literally craves it now and then. And pasta with peas and prosciutto? Anytime I've had the three Ps together, it's been a truly delicious dish.

Sure, this is a little decadent and not something you'd probably want to eat on a regular basis - what with the fatty prosciutto and heavy cream. But the salty and sweet flavors combine in a way that equals magic on your tongue. The rich ingredients tossed with an herbalicious spring pesto combine to create a surprisingly delicate sauce with layers of flavor.

I was originally a little worried I wouldn't find the right type of pasta. I've never seen long ribbons like this at my market. So instead of heading to the bulk pasta aisle, I went straight to the imported foods section, where I discovered mafaldine pasta (http://bit.ly/mA84xn) made by Pastene. The curled outer edges were key to holding in the pesto and sauce, guaranteeing a burst of flavor with each bite. If I hadn't found it, I would have probably used orecchiette.

Time to Dish:
My only complaint was that I thought the mint was a little heavy. Admittedly, I'm not a huge fan of mint, and while I think it's probably very necessary to balance this dish, I might use a little less next time around. I also couldn't find a thick cut prosciutto so I stacked the traditional thin version before I cut it, which allowed me to create the thicker cubes called for.

My Grade: B
Hubby's Grade: A
Recipe: http://bit.ly/mkvYUg

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