Friday, June 24, 2011

Budding Herbs Take Shape

Day 348

The closest thing I have to a green thumb are my nails done in OPI Gargantuan Grape, and even that was used on my feet, not hands. (Anyone who knows me knows I'm completely terrified of trying bold colors on my nails, and even this light green on my feet was a step outside my comfort zone.) But I digress...

I just haven't been blessed with a horticultural gene. I suppose it's probably more that I've not been blessed with being patient. "Patience is a virtue, just not one of mine," I always say. So you can imagine my surprise when, about one month after planting a small indoor herb garden and tending to it daily with water and love, I noticed the cilantro is starting to take shape! It's also very apropos that this herb out of the five I planted chose to show its leaves first. (Those who know me also know that I am obsessed with Mexican food and cooking, so having fresh cilantro on hand for blending up a salsa or chopping a batch of guacamole is pretty much ideal.)

Hopefully the other green sprouts start to take on their own identities soon. I'm a little freaked out, though, since now I'm at the stage where I'm supposed to add plant food into the daily watering ritual. That might just be my herbs' demise. Just when I thought I was getting somewhere.

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