Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Curried Chicken with Saffron Rice

Day 388

Since moving to the 'burbs more than two years ago, Hubby and I are in serious Indian food withdrawal! We just haven't found any close to home that match up with the restaurants we loved in the city. Okay, we probably haven't looked hard enough... Whatever, I admit it.

I'm always on the search for new ways to cook chicken. It gets so boring doing the same ol' thing time and again. This will definitely spice up your humdrum dinner rotation.

Rachael Ray (yes, another RR recipe) calls this a "Takeout Fakeout" dish; we call it delicious! The combination of spices perfectly mimics even the most authentic curry. And, sure, you could just as easily hit up the spice aisle for a jar of curry, but if you're like me you have all the spices on-hand anyway so you might as well use them up! Using the spiced Greek yogurt as a vehicle to coat the chicken keeps the meat tender and moist throughout the baking process.

I served the chicken atop a simple basmati rice steeped in saffron and finished off with sweet peas.

Time to Dish:
Make sure you don't use your nice, silver baking racks for the baking process, unless you want them stained yellow from the curry like mine are. Rookie mistake, Hubby would say.


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