Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kid Lunch! English Muffin Pizza

Day 121

I'm not cooking for any kiddos, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy a simple lunch that brings me back to the old days. In full disclosure, I got this term (Kid Lunch!) from a friend, who used to frequently show up to work with her peanut butter sandwich in a baggie and some chips on the side, maybe even a few carrot sticks to complete the meal. All she was missing was a note from her mom wishing her luck on the new business pitch.

Lately, I've been so focused on stocking the pantry for my first go at hosting Thanksgiving, I've been neglecting to pick up lunch items at the store. That, and I've never been a huge deli meat sandwich kind of gal. So, I've been making do with what's in the fridge.

If you have English muffins (or bagels), sauce (optional, or you can sub in chopped tomatoes) and cheese, you are on your way to a simple, easy treat. I happened to have some turkey pepperoni leftover from homemade pizza night, but you can really use anything to top your muffins - chicken, onions, tomatoes, garlic - just start digging through the crisper drawer and veggie bowl. Top it off by sprinkling on some spices like oregano, thyme and crushed rep pepper flakes, and you've taken Kid Lunch to a grown-up place!

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